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Text Message Notification Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Text Message Notice?

Text Message Notices are an opt-in subscription service that allows you to receive a text message in addition to your current notification (email, mail or phone call) when holds are available for pickup, when borrowed items are about to become due and for when your library card is about to expire.

How much does Text Message Notice cost?

The library does not charge for Text Message Notices, BUT, depending on your cellular phone plan, additional per-message charges may be assessed by your carrier. Please call your carrier to inquire about any charges they might impose BEFORE subscribing.

What type of devices will Text Message Notice send messages to?

Text Message Alert can send messages to any device that has a cellular number and is enabled to receive standard text messages.

Will my mobile provider charge me to receive a Text Message Notice?

This depends on your service provider and plan. We strongly encourage you to check with your provider to determine if there are additional charges BEFORE you subscribe to this service.

I am not receiving the Text Message Notice. What Should I do?

Shortly after registering for the service you should start receiving text messages for holds and almost due items. If you receive your current notification (email, mail or phone call) and do not receive your text please contact the library to confirm that we have entered your cell phone information correctly. Some cell phone providers provide the ability to filter text messages. You may need to allow incoming messages from unknown addresses.

Will I continue to receive notices via email, US mail or phone call?

Yes, this service is meant to supplement these notification methods, not replace them.

When are Text Message Notices sent out?

Text Alerts are sent out every morning between 9:00 am and 9:30 am.

What information is contained in a Text Message Notice?

The Text Notice message will send you a text for every item that is ready for pickup and the name of the pickup library. It will list part of the title. There may be multiple messages, one for each item. The message may appear to come from an unknown address. Be sure that your message filters are set to allow messages from unknown addresses.

How do I subscribe for Text Message Notices?

You can subscribe by filling out the Text Message Notification form on our website. This form is also available at the Circulation and Ask-A-Librarian Desks. In addition, our library card application includes the text message subscriber questions.

I subscribed, but I provided the wrong phone number, my cell number changed or I want to unsubscribe. What should I do now?

You may also fill out the Text Message Notification form on our website to update your phone information, or you can call or stop in the Library.


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