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About the Pre-Shenendehowa Schools Records

The records in this collection are not complete. There are many gaps and missing pieces, perhaps more missing than present. Despite this, there are approximately 17 cubic feet of documents related to the pre-Shenendehowa schools here, and they do provide an amazing amount of detail about the schools, the children who attended them and the communities in which they were located. Most documents date in the 1910-1961 range, but the oldest document dates from 1765 and the newest 1990. An effort was made to limit the inclusion of documents dated after 1950, the year Shenendehowa was formed.

It was decided to keep the arrangement of records by the school districts, as they were numbered in 1949, and to impose upon the rest of the documents the order found on the Series List. It should be kept in mind that district numbers changed many times over the years, sometimes in quite complicated manners.

This collection includes records from the independent school districts, from Shenendehowa Central School District, private papers from Superintendent Winans, records from the Third Supervisory District of Saratoga County, and works from the various people who have done research into any of these areas. Included are reports, correspondence, notes, photographic materials and all other sorts of documents.

Document conditions vary from excellent to extremely poor, depending on the materials documents were made from and the environmental factors they were subjected to over the years. Please be careful when handling fragile documents. Use of this collection is by appointment only. Call 371-8622.


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